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Nashville Lolitas

Hi my name is Becca and I'm new to this community and to lolita. I don't mean to do anything wrong, and I'm more than willing to change anything that I need to for this post to fill the community's standard.

My main question is; is there a group of lolitas in Nashville that meet up? I've seen ones for other areas of Tennessee, but none for Nashville. If there is, could someone send me a link to them? And if not...would it be completely unacceptable for a new lolita to make a lolita group? I wouldn't be able to mentor or anything like that, seeing as I'm someone who is seeking guidance from everyone else, but other than that what else would get in the way?

I have one lolita friend here and she is going away to Georgia to a Berry University on Saturday. I just quite honestly want a little group of friends I can grow with here, but I have no one else to turn to. If anyone could help with anything, that would be amazing.

Thank you. <3
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International Lolita Day Meetup in Knoxviile

nyami_rose1 and I were thinking that a meetup on the ILD would wonderful.
It will be on June 2nd, but the where is still not decided. We were thinking of either having a potluck at nyami's house or eating and hanging out on Gay street in downtown Knoxville. This is a link to many restaurants in the downtown area.
The French Market Creperie is my personal favorite.
What would you ladies prefer?
Mana sama

I was on a hiatus, Frill meet up, Chatt meet up?

Wow, seems like not many kept this comm going. Well I am on because after time at SCAD I couldn't live in ATL anymore so I am back in TN for a while. I really miss all my loli buddies and would love to get us all together again.

As most know that FRILL is next month, who all is going? It would be cool if some of us could fit our poofy pettis into one vehicle and car pool there.

Also, seeing I am back in the area I would love for us to have another meet up. I had a blast at the last two we had and would LOVE to have another! I know it has been a few years but that doesn't mean we can't walk main street once more being asked if we are in a band/play/show together again. Anyone interested? We could get a date together and maybe have tea and English Rose tea house again.

let me know :3


Meet-up post! Anyone who was at the MTAC 2012 Tea Party who wants to swap contact, we can do it in the comments of this post. I was the gothic lolita in the purple velveteen rabbit skirt~

Did everyone get a chance to enjoy the festivities? One of my favorites was probably the Kaiju Big Battel wrestling matches. Watching that announcer rile the crowd up with Tastykakes to the point of sugar-induced rioting was really funny. (It was kind of like seeing an animal trainer teach their pet tricks, haha~)

Pellicon 2012: The Revenge // I'm on TV!


For anyone in the East Tennesee area, I’ll be on WBIR either today (Thursday, 22nd) or tomorrow (Friday, 23rd) promoting Pellicon, a multi-fandom convention in Knoxville, while dressed in Lolita, along with some cosplay friends. We should be on at 4 (Live at Five at 4:00), either day so please tune in!

Once it’s been broadcast, I’ll try and post a link if WBIR uploads it to their website! EDIT: Find it here! Admittedly, we had agreed I wasn't going to say anything which is why I look a little surpised and stumble on my words a bit when I'm asked a question! XD

Hello there! :3

Name: Sophie
Age: 19
City/Area: Nashville
How did you find out about Lolita? I've been into the fashion for a couple years. Just recently bought my first skirt!
How long have you been into Lolita? Admiring for about 2 years, recently got to order my first skirt!
Favorite Brands/Style? BTSSB, Angelic pretty <3
Anything Else? I live in Clarksville Tn, which is about a 30 minute drive from Nashville. Just recently moved here, and have no friends! Haha
I'm currently a student at Hopkinsville Community College, taking classes to get my associates degree. Looking for some local/Nashville Lolitas! :)

Anyone going to MTAC? I hear they're having a Lolita Tea Party. I'd love to go if someone was going! :)

An Afternoon at the Opera

I recently learned that an Opera rendition of Romeo and Juliette will be at the Tennessee Theater!
The Sunday performance on 12th of February 2012 at 2:30PM still has tickets for as low as $13(with a student id).
If you are wondering, it will be in French with projected English translations.

Would anyone like to join me?

Possible Knoxville Loli Meet-up

Now, that the semester is almost over, I'm just dying to have a lolita meet-up! Would anybody be interested in that?

My thoughts on activities are a little slim; such as lunch, ice skating, lazer tag, roaming downtown, or meeting at the mall again. But I am very open to suggestions! I won't be able to meet until the latter half of the month, as I will be visiting family. So if you are interested please tell me what days would be good for you.

I hope lots of you lovely girls can come!,