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Anime Blast in Chattanooga, TN

Hi everyone, I was just wondering... is anyone else going to the Anime Con in Chattanooga, TN? It's on Nov. 4-6th and after looking at the con schedule I saw that there were going to be a lot of different lolita panels such as "Lolita Nation: An Introduction to Lolita Fashion", "Sewing 101 and crafts", "Lolita Do's and Don'ts", a Maid Cafe, and even a Lolita Photoshoot on the last day of the con!

I don't know. It sounded like a lot of fun to me and if anyone else is going let me know so I can keep an eye out for you :)



Just peeping in...

Hi!  This comm seems a bit dead, does anyone check it anymore?  I'm Sterling by the way, and I just wanted to check in and maybe bring in a bit of activity, heh...

Right now I'm staying in Murfreesboro while attending MTSU, so hello to all the MT lolitas out there!  I've only worn lolita to classes twice, so I'm a bit undercover.  My favorite styles are gothic, classic, ouji and some sweet coords.

So yeah, I've officially outed myself as lolita around these parts, and it feels pretty good!  Just give me a holler if anyone around here wants to meet up, and I'll be happy to say hello!


Hi there! I'm new...

Name: Erinn
Age: 20
City/Area: Nashville
How did you find out about Lolita? I'm really into a bunch of alternative fashions so one day when I was googling images for steampunk I ran across a lolita coordinate and I've been addicted ever since.
How long have you been into Lolita? 4 years
Favorite Brands/Style? Juliette et Justine, Innocent World, BTTSB
Websites: thedearestdarling.etsy.com
Anything Else? I go to school at Murray State University, but visit my relatives in Nashville, TN regularly. The Kentucky community that I'm in doesn't have many activities going on, so I thought I'd try my luck here.

Also, I'm going to be selling some lolita clothes and accessories at the Germantown Festival coming up on Sept 10th. If anyone else is going comment back and we should schedule a mini-meet up or something!

anyone seeing Katy Perry In Nashville?

 I NEED a buddy to go with. seriously. I have a ticket... but all my friends pooped out on me.

is anyone going?

please respond ASAP!


Hi everyone! Just wanting to alert you all to the fact that a new place called Marcia's French Bakery (or something of that nature) has opened in Downtown Franklin across from Dodson's.  Aside from fancy French pastries such as macarons, they also have loose leaf teas and French food (mainly soups, salads, and pizza.)  They accept reservations for organized events, albeit their tea ceremony is expensive (20 dollars a person.)  However, I'm sure we could just order tea and a dessert, which although it doesn't come with the fancy platters, would probably still be nice. 
I just wanted to alert everyone in case they were interested in planning future meetups there~ :)

Franklin Meetup July 9th?

I suppose I'm taking the initiative to be the...er coordinator of a meet up? I propose we meet up at world cup of tea in Franklin at 12.30. I thought July 9th would be good because its a Saturday, and not to short of notice but close enough to get exited about. So can anyone make it? If we end up not hating each other, maybe we could go to the mall/downtown Franklin or something after. Oh and just a heads up Im bringing my camera and love to take pictures! :D So if you are a camwhore too we will get along! lol

A few things...

Somehow, i JUST realized there was TN lolita community! Anyway, i really want to go to a meet up, are their any in the works?

Also, does anyone else get bashed for wearing lolita in public here?


I ran into a few of the Tennessee lolitas at MTAC and really wanted to get everyone's contact information so that we could keep chatting. I was the one in a floral IW JSK on Saturday and Lief's Sacred Night on Sunday. c: Did everyone else enjoy the tea party? I thought they did a good job with it, the decorations were really lovely~
If we didn't talk,  please feel free to post in the comments anyways, I'd love to get to know more people in the state!


Is anyone going to MTAC? Dressed in lolita? or not?

I would love to meet some of the lolitas in Tennessee!! <3
I'm going in lolita on Saturday. I can't pinpoint on what I'm wearing, but it will be pink! XD <3

<3 <3